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Good Word

Brook, Thank you so much for including us in your publication! You did a great job, and I love the photos you posted. Thanks again! - Ben Stoner, Crystal Lake South High School English Teacher/Theatre Director/Illinois All-State Director - IHSTF 2012

Hey Brook, I just wanted to thank you for the nice write up on my band TRIADD, when we played last year at Porters. The photo shots were nice too. Again thanks for the nice positive write up. Have a great day, month, year, career. Scott E. Jensen / 2011 p.s. nice web site too.

Hi Brook,I know it's been a long time, but as I was going through our book, I came across the Our Town page and thought that you would like to see it. Attached is a close-to-final copy of the spread. I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful pictures. The pages would not look the way the do without them.Best Regards,Carol Feng

Hi Brook, Thank you so much for all you are doing & have done. & Thanks for all you are doing for the betterment of music in M.C. God Bless & keep up the great work. -Steve Fagiano McHenry County College Drum Set and Percussion Studies

Brook, Thank you again for taking Chandrae's photos for us, you did such a beautiful job! Blessings, Drenda

Brook is an extremely talented photographer. She can find beauty in any environment and is very versatile. She works great with kids, families, and even athletes!!! Thanks for all your hard work!!- Seneca Bryan

Band photos

What a difference the right photographer makes!! You did a fantastic job!- Kristy- 2017